The Revolution Starts Here

We're the official European suppliers of the Turntide Smart Motor System™. Turntide is a Silicon Valley sustainability start-up backed by BMW and Jeff Bezos (amongst others who know how to back a winner).

Saving the Planet Together

Our mission is to help organisations take a material step towards their net zero targets by replacing wasteful electric motors in order to create healthy places to live and work, save energy (and money) and ultimately save the planet.

Really Really Smart

We're a business built on a shared ambition to deliver the most energy-efficient smart motor system in the world. Not only do our products save energy and carbon, they are smart (driving further efficiencies with IoT connectivity) and they are extremely simple to install.


Simon Morrish

Chairman and Co-Founder


Jay Verjee

Investor and Co-Founder


Simon Potts

Group Managing Director


Ignacio Osorio Silla

Managing Director - Iberia


Alessandro Di Gaetano

Managing Director - Italy

Powered by Turntide

Future Motors has partnered with Turntide, a US-based tech start-up, to bring you the Turntide Smart Motor System. We're the only company in Europe that's authorised to sell and install this truly game-changing advancement in motor technology. Turntide have won some high-profile investors, counting Jeff Bezos and BMW among their ranks. With Turntide we share a vision of helping to save the planet by cutting down energy usage and carbon emissions. Through this partnership we intend to help change the future, now.

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